Come And Take It!


San Antonio, TX, March, 20th – The Libertarian Party of Bexar County’s recent COME AND TAKE IT eminent domain rally held at Travis Park was a resounding success, drawing a large crowd of attendees and garnering support from individuals and organizations across the state.

The rally was held to protest the use of eminent domain in order to seize Vince Cantu’s private business, Moses Rose’s Hideout, without fair compensation. Speakers at the rally highlighted the injustices that often accompany eminent domain proceedings, including government force, the tyranny of politicians, inadequate compensation, displacement, and the loss of communities and heritage.

Attendees, who came from across the state, were eager to show their support for the cause, with many holding signs and banners demanding fair treatment for property owners and declaring eminent domain as legalized theft. 

In addition to the support of attendees, the rally also received endorsements from a number of prominent organizations, including the Libertarian Party, Republican Liberty Caucus, Texas Gold, and amongst others. These endorsements helped to amplify the message of the rally and draw attention to the need to push back on the City of San Antonio and the GLO Texas Land Commissioner’s application of eminent domain.

“The turnout at the rally shows that Texans are tired of being pushed around by government agencies that use eminent domain to seize their businesses without fair compensation,” said JR Haseloff, Chair of LPBexar. “The intent of this rally was to peacefully protest, but it was apparent that many individuals and organizations are prepared to sacrifice much more to prevent the theft of Moses Rose’s Hideout.  I only hope that our politicians are receiving this message.”

“Imagine a fellow Texan blackmailing you with threats of theft if you refused to sell them your property solely so their business could be financially viable,” said Edgar Coyle, Vice Chair of LPBexar. “This is what Vince is facing with threats from Dawn Buckingham and the San Antonio City Council. The Libertarian Party stands with Vince because we understand that the government is acting as a criminal organization with a monopoly on the use of violence. Normally, this would be considered criminal behavior, but when the government does it so the Alamo renovation is “financially solvent” it’s acceptable? Vince has been unjustly maligned in a coordinated media attack as a ‘greedy man’ but the asking price is irrelevant. He could ask for $50 million and that is his right to do so. This blatant government corruption is as good a place as any to make a stand, not only for him but for every single Texan. It’s Vince today, but it could be you tomorrow. The eyes of Texas are on the Alamo.”

The organizers of the rally expressed their gratitude to all those who attended, spoke, and supported the event, and called on them to continue the fight by engaging with local and state politicians per this ACTION page. They also called on lawmakers to reverse action to the eminent domain process or negotiate in good faith with Vince Cantu.

For more information on this matter, contact JR Haseloff at 904-962-9922 or email at [email protected]

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