Good parties go bad. The Democratic Party began as a champion for the common man—the country’s workers, farmers, and immigrants. The Republican Party was formed to combat slavery. But these parties, as they’ve grown, have lost sight of their roots. The old parties have become political machines, requiring more and more support from the people. And that support—your money—funds unchecked growth and with it, government overreach.

The Libertarian Party was created relatively recently, in 1971, but based on a very old idea, one that had been discarded by Republicans and Democrats alike. True to its name, the Libertarian Party values first and foremost individual liberty, an idea that was still radical when it formed the bedrock of the Constitution of the United States.

Dedicated to the individual’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the Libertarian Party, while composed of members that run the gamut—from liberal to conservative to anarchists—is unified by this guiding ideal.

It is a way of thinking that resonates with more and more Americans. In recent years, a growing number of voters have broken their bonds to either of the old parties and now identify as Independent. So much so that Independents are now the majority, outnumbering both Democrats and Republicans.

If voters were offered real choice, representatives substantively different from the old party politicians, the results could be revolutionary. And that is the genius written into our system of government. The people have the power to peacefully vote themselves nothing short of a revolution.

In Texas, the Libertarian philosophy found traction early and The Libertarian Party of Texas was among the thirteen original founding state parties at the first Libertarian convention in 1972. The Libertarian Party of Texas is the third largest political party in the state of Texas, and the only party that is consistently committed to a platform of peace, prosperity and freedom for all Americans.

We welcome you to join us.

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