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The Libertarian Party of Texas (LPTexas) is the third largest political party in the state of Texas, and the only party that is consistently committed to a platform of peace, prosperity and freedom for all Americans. The Libertarian Party is sometimes described as the party of both fiscal responsibility and social tolerance, the best of both worlds approach to political policy that doesn't accept or require the false choice between liberal and conservative. LPTexas represents liberty, justice, equality, privacy, independence, non-aggression, and the rule of law - the founding principles of our great nation - and is committed to a mission of political action to restore these core principles to our government and chart a future course based on voluntary cooperation, mutual respect, free markets, and the realization of human potential.


An Invitation and Challenge to Glenn Beck

March 21, 2015

From: Kurt Hildebrand, Chairman LPTexas
To: Mr. Glenn Beck

Dear Glenn,

When I read on Wednesday that you had finally and totally given up hope on reforming the Republican Party from within, my first thought was, well it’s about time! Like many Libertarians, I’ve followed your work off and on for many years and I’ve been impressed with some elements of it – especially your books and speeches on the constitution and founding principles. I can respect the political theory of working to change the major parties from within, but personally I reached the conclusion long ago that they are both irrevocably corrupt. I think it’s abundantly clear by now to the vast majority that the Democrat and Republican establishment parties are playing the very same crooked game, by the same rules, and with the same goal – the perpetuation of their political careers, consolidation of power, and the expansion of the state. I would point to the recent abysmally low voter turnout numbers as evidence of this fact.

My second thought upon reading your declaration swearing off the Republican Party was – Bravo! But what now?

I have a suggestion for you. What if I told you that there is a political party, a party with principles, a party that shares your passion for liberty, small government, and the constitution, a party uncorrupted, a party with a 40-year legacy of unwavering commitment to its core values, a party unwilling to give up on this great experiment in freedom that we call our country, a party experiencing a surge of growth and strength in this libertarian moment of history, and a party with ballot access in your state. That party is the Libertarian Party of Texas.

But Glenn, I don’t want to sugar coat anything for you. The battle for liberty is not an easy one as you know. It takes personal courage to stand up to the entrenched political class and maybe even those in your own camp that would call you a traitor for holding fast to your principles no matter what, no matter the cost, and for as long as it takes. I salute you for taking a very important step on the journey. But I would also challenge you to go further – I would challenge you to go all the way to total liberty.

Glenn, the foundation of total liberty is the Non-Aggression Principle. This simple concept – that no one has the right to initiate force against another – is the fundamental core of everything we and the founding fathers believe about how to create human freedom in a peaceful and prosperous society.

I challenge you to openly embrace the non-aggression principle and all that flows from it. Denounce force, fraud, and coercion. Read the platform of the Libertarian Party of Texas and, if you agree, endorse LPTexas as the true, credible, and strong alternative to big government in our great state. Glenn, you call yourself libertarian – isn’t it time that you joined the Libertarian Party?

For Liberty, 
Kurt Hildebrand, Chairman
Libertarian Party of Texas

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