Tyranny: The Double Edged Knife

Tyranny: The Double Edged Knife

By:  Christie Bellinger

Austin, Texas 05/08/2017

On May 2, at the University of Texas in Austin, Kendrex J. White, a 20-year-old student, went on campus with a bowie-style hunting knife and took the life of one student and injured three others. The University and the Austin Police Department were already aware that threats had been made to the campus before this tragedy ever occurred, yet they opted not to alert the students.  The incident was finally ended when a student used his rights regained by the passing of campus carry.

This horrible incident is yet another harrowing example of our inability to rely solely on the law enforcement for personal protection and security. If we, as citizens of Texas, had the ability to Constitutionally Carry this tragedy may have been prevented. The victims could have had the ability to defend themselves and protect others before the assailant harmed anyone at all, but it would appear legislators are too scared to give the citizens a right that we already have under the Constitution:  the right to bear arms.

When are we going to realize that the police are not always going to be there to protect us; that there are going to be times that we have to protect ourselves? How many more children have to die from school shootings or stabbings? How many more people have to die in the streets, or at the grocery store? If the good law-abiding citizens of Texas had the right to carry as the Constitution provides, criminals may think twice about going into a school and shooting or stabbing other students, people would think twice about robbing a bank, breaking into someone’s house, or anywhere else, because they would know that everywhere they went and walked there would be several people carrying guns who would defend themselves before they had the chance to kill or harm anyone. There would absolutely be less gun violence. This is why we as citizens should have the right to Constitutionally carry!