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    Need to learn more of what is out there. I proclaim that I am independent and not beholden to a party.

    Our Party

    2021 Texas Constitutional Amendments

    The 87th Texas State Legislature has approved the following 8 proposed Constitutional Amendments to appear on the Nov. 2021 ballot. The Libertarian Party of Texas makes the following recommendations to Texas voters when choosing to vote yes, no, or abstain on each proposition.
    For the full context of the bill behind the amendment and the explanation for our recommendation, along with links to our Platform sections supporting these recommendations, please go to:

    Lifetime Membership

    The State Executive Committee (SLEC) has authorized the creation of a Lifetime Membership to LPTexas! A person who financially contributes to the party a one-time donation in the amount of $1836 shall be recorded as a Lifetime Member in perpetuity. Such Lifetime Members shall be recognized as such, and shall be granted any benefits, perquisites, or entitlements as may be established by LPTexas from time to time for as long as they live. Further, each such Lifetime Member shall receive a document signed by all then-current officers of LPTexas certifying their Lifetime Member status.

    Now through Dec. 31st you can become a Lifetime Member at an introductory donation amount of $1500!

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    Legislative Action Fund

    We have an immediate need for $7,000 for compensation and expenses for our full-time Legislative Coordinator to continue the work he’s doing through the end of the 2021 Legislative Session. We face several direct threats from the Republicans and Democrats, who are increasingly coming up with new strategies to try to keep our candidates off the ballots in Texas, or restrict who we are able to nominate. And of course we want legislators to hear from us on bills pertaining to issues such as gun rights, property taxes, rights of small business owners, and many more.

    Donate to the Legislative Action Fund Today!


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