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    Karaokathon Ticket Payment

    1. Dinner Only - $30
      This gets you appetizers, an entrée, and a drink ticket. HOWEVER, your name goes in the hat! If your name is picked, attendees will have the chance to bid on a song for you to sing. You are agreeing to sing if you are bid on OR to pay the amount bid to get out of singing. 
    2. Remote Participation Song Slot - $100
      Not able to attend, but still want to support LPTexas and be a star? You can remotely perform for the crowd from the comfort of your home and at a time convenient to you. Pull up the song you want to sing, and we will make sure you are seen! (Great option for our out of state friends!)
    3. Dinner and a Song Slot - $130
      With this ticket you get entrance, appetizers, an entrée of your choice, a drink ticket, AND you will have a karaoke slot with the song of your choice. Your name will not go in the karaoke auction hat, and you will be supporting LPTexas with your voice!
    4. Dinner and Immunity - $130
      With this ticket you get entrance, appetizers, an entrée of your choice, a drink ticket, AND you will be immune from the karaoke auction. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the performances.




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    Texas Plumber Shortage

    It's a good day to be a plumber in Texas. In the wake of last week's freezing temperatures, demand for plumbing professionals is high, and the supply is low. If you are a plumber in Texas or the surrounding states, you can be sure of a full calendar; and for those of us in need of a plumber, we can be sure of extended wait times.

     Plumber repairs water leak on pipe in wall

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    Legal Fund

    courtroom-gavel-scales - Young Moore Attorneys

    This Special Project fund has been established for the purposes of collecting direct donations for defending legal challenges brought forward against LPTexas and its candidates for the 2020 elections. We appreciate everyone's commitment to fighting for voter choice in Texas.


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