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    Legal Fund Monthly Donation

    courtroom-gavel-scales - Young Moore Attorneys

    This Special Project fund has been established for the purposes of collecting direct donations for defending legal challenges brought forward against LPTexas and its candidates for elections. We appreciate everyone's commitment to fighting for voter choice in Texas.


  • published Sept 21 Newsletter in Newsletter 2021-09-17 17:55:01 -0500

    Sept 21 Newsletter

    LPTexas News: September 2021

    Have a Freedom-Filled Labor Day!

    Hello Fellow LPTexans,

    With our blazing temperatures, not everyone is sad to see summer go. It may not be sweater weather yet, but bring on the pumpkin spice everything! We are all winding down from the hectic year with just a few things to report, but stay till the end for memes and events!

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    Lifetime Membership

    Lifetime Member
    A person who financially contributes to the party a one-time donation in the amount of $1836 shall be recorded as a Lifetime Member in perpetuity. Such Lifetime Members shall be recognized as such, and shall be granted any benefits, perquisites, or entitlements as may be established by LPTexas from time to time for as long as they live. Further, each such Lifetime Member shall receive a document signed by all then-current officers of LPTexas certifying their Lifetime Member status.


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    August 2021

    LPTexas News: August 2021

    Get Out There And Live

    While the temperatures in August are hotter than Satan's armpit, we hope you are packing these last few weeks of freedom with as much fun as you can. According to Marcus Tullius Cicero, freedom is the power to live as one wishes... so get out there and live.

    If you haven't heard the big news yet, the LPTexas chair Whitney Bilyeu is now the chair for the National Libertarian Party. Her calm, focused leadership has driven LPTexas to the top of the state affiliates, and she will be leading our National party into greatness as well. Congratulations Whitney, we are all so proud of you!

    Lots of great news is packed in this newsletter, and be sure to read all the way to the end for some laughs. 

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    July 2021

    LPTexas News: July 2021

    Celebrate Independence Day, Everyday

    “You’d think we’d be freer,” I said…

    Over the weekend, a fellow Libertarian (from Louisiana) was praising LPTexas and commenting about how Texas (the state and its people) has always been regarded as a beacon of liberty. The spirit of Texas is one of rebellion, revolution, individualism, self-reliance, prosperity, and freedom. So…you’d think we’d be freer.

    Independence Day each year is merely a reminder of all we have yet to do. We can’t take days off. We have to work, and fight, everyday toward liberty for all people all the time.

    Just as election day is Day 0 for those of us doing the work of a political party, July 4th signifies the start of another round of battles for liberty in Texas. It is a time for banding together to promote the principles that unite us. It is a time for standing side-by-side against the authoritarian principles that unite our opposition. It is a time for recruiting Libertarian candidates to amplify the Libertarian voice.

    I do hope our staff, volunteers, officers, executive committee members, and county affiliate leaders enjoyed some well-deserved R&R this past weekend. I am excited to see whose fuses were lit, what sparks were ignited, and how much freer we can get.

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  • Legislative Action Fund Monthly Donation

    *By clicking monthly donation, you understand this is a continuous monthly contribution that will auto renew every year. You may cancel anytime.


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    Legislative Action Fund

    LPTexas Treasurer Kate Prather testifying before the House Elections Committee regarding HB1812.


    One-Time Donation to Fund Monthly Donation to Fund
    We have an immediate need for $7,000 for compensation and expenses for our full-time Legislative Coordinator to continue the work he’s doing through the end of the 2021 Legislative Session. We face several direct threats from the Republicans and Democrats, who are increasingly coming up with new strategies to try to keep our candidates off the ballots in Texas, or restrict who we are able to nominate. And of course we want legislators to hear from us on bills pertaining to issues such as gun rights, property taxes, rights of small business owners, and many more.

    Your generous contribution today goes straight to our lobbying efforts, keeping our Legislative Coordinator in Austin where he can engage with representatives and committees on a daily basis, as well as coordinate the efforts of teams of LPTexas volunteers who travel to Austin when they can. Thank you for making this work possible!
    We are not quitting in June just because the session is over, and during the time between legislative sessions there is much work to be done cultivating relationships with legislators while developing a knowledge base and building a war chest for the next term. While we won’t have a full-time representative in Austin five days a week between sessions, we will have expenses for mailouts and for in-person meetings with representatives, and will need the support of our donors to keep from losing the ground we have gained this year. Your monthly donation allows us to maintain our momentum from the 2021 session and build on it for 2023. Join the Legislative Action Team by committing to a monthly recurring donation—your support is what keeps us going!


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    Legislative Action Fund

    $10,207.13 raised
    GOAL: $7,000.00



    Every dollar you donate to this fund will go straight to maintaining an active, full-time, libertarian presence at the Capitol. We can’t win if we don’t show up.


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    Sept 21 Newsletter
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    August 2021
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    July 2021
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  • published April 2021 in Newsletter 2021-04-09 16:02:49 -0500

    April 2021: Lobby The Robbers!

    LPTexas News: April 2021

    Lobbying Tells Texas to Stop Robbing Us

    Hello LPTexans,

    Well, the lifted mask mandate came and went, and guess what? Cases have been dropping daily. Turns out people don't need to be forced into determining what is best for their safety.

    So now we turn to the big issues happening in the Texas Statehouse. We are being faced with numerous ballot access and gun control laws that we need to fight. There are also property tax and cannabis bills that we need to support. How do we do that? Lobbying!

    Citizen lobbying is one of the strongest avenues we have to positively affect our freedoms, and all it requires is an investment of your time and gas money to get to the capital. 

    Check out the funny, informative report on last month's lobbying day. It will give you an idea of what lobbying is like for the first time and tips to make the most of your visit. Read about it here.

    Because of that great success, LPTexas is placing renewed focus and vigor behind the lobbying faction of our party. Join us! Our next lobbying day on April 15th, tax day! RSVP here.

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    Email Sign Up

    Interested in learning more. Below we have a range of email options that will allow you to hear from LPTexas as much or as little as you would like.

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