June 2021

LPTexas News: June 2021

Let's Dive Into Summer!

It's summertime!

Its time to trade in our boots for sandals, crack a cold one and relax by the pool! Right? Not so fast! We got a lot to catch up on from last month and quite a fun filled summer planned across Texas spreading the message of liberty! Check out what we've been up to and what we have going on, and if you happen to be poolside with an umbrella drink while reading this... good for you!


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May 2021

LPTexas News: May 2021

Let's Taco Bout More Freedom In Tejas!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

We are coming to the end of a very busy legislative session, and our army of volunteers have been working hard. Just like the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War, the Libertarians of Texas are fighting big government aggression, and we are winning!

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April 2021: Lobby The Robbers!

LPTexas News: April 2021

Lobbying Tells Texas to Stop Robbing Us

Hello LPTexans,

Well, the lifted mask mandate came and went, and guess what? Cases have been dropping daily. Turns out people don't need to be forced into determining what is best for their safety.

So now we turn to the big issues happening in the Texas Statehouse. We are being faced with numerous ballot access and gun control laws that we need to fight. There are also property tax and cannabis bills that we need to support. How do we do that? Lobbying!

Citizen lobbying is one of the strongest avenues we have to positively affect our freedoms, and all it requires is an investment of your time and gas money to get to the capital. 

Check out the funny, informative report on last month's lobbying day. It will give you an idea of what lobbying is like for the first time and tips to make the most of your visit. Read about it here.

Because of that great success, LPTexas is placing renewed focus and vigor behind the lobbying faction of our party. Join us! Our next lobbying day on April 15th, tax day! RSVP here.

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March 2021: Kiss Me, I'm Libertarian!

LPTexas News: March 2021

Turn Texas Into A Pot O' Gold!

Top o' the mornin', LPTexans.

Thank you to all the Libertarians who helped their fellow man during the February 2021 Blizzard which left cold Texans in the dark and without water or basic necessities. #LeftInTheCold and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott went viral... but not in a good way.

He has tried redeeming himself by lifting the Texas mask mandate and opening the capacity of all businesses and facilities to 100%. We finally do not have to be forced to care for others with government intervention, and our freedoms have been restored on this issue. 15 states have made this decision so far and we are glad to join them.

May the leprechauns be near you to spread luck along your way, and may all the Irish angels smile upon you this St. Patrick's Day.

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February 2021: Love Letter To Libertarians

LPTexas News: February 2021

A Love Letter to Texas Libertarians

Dear LPTexan Valentines,

You make us happier than property rights and a free market. Consider this newsletter your valentine's card from us, with plenty of sweet treats nestled inside. Enjoy!

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January 2021

Word From The Chair: Whitney Bilyeu


I am excited to welcome 2021 and put 2020 behind us. We faced some hardships this past year, but we did not surrender and had some solid wins, too. Our state convention was a major success and no one could have pivoted again and again to pull off such a feat the way our LPTexas convention, credentials, platform, and rules committees did. It is an honor to serve with those folks.

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