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    Normally we don’t respond to people who use fake names, but because we know that many people are also interseted in knowing who will be running for office in the party, here it is:

    First of all, we won’t have any candidates at all until after the various conventions where candidates will be officially nominated.

    We had well over 100 Applications For Nomination submitted, and about 70% of them were submitted yesterday, and many in the last hour of the day. Our Chair and our Ops Director are busy vetting each application to ensure that they are completed correctly. Given that they are volunteers and have other personal commitments like job and school and family, the rest of us should accept the fact that they are human and only have so much time to do so much work.

    The list will be out later today the very moment is is completed to the Chair’s satisfaction that everything is accurate and true.

    Suffice to say – this election season is shaping up to be a great time for LP Texas!

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