May 2021

LPTexas News: May 2021

Let's Taco Bout More Freedom In Tejas!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

We are coming to the end of a very busy legislative session, and our army of volunteers have been working hard. Just like the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War, the Libertarians of Texas are fighting big government aggression, and we are winning!


A Word From The Chair

The Libertarian Party is bringing campaign and leadership training to Region 7. LPTexas will join our host LP Louisiana and fellow LNC Region 7 affiliates for this training.

The mission is to familiarize Libertarian candidates and staff with the basic elements of running a political campaign and to train present and future affiliate leaders.

If you are a prospective candidate, campaign volunteer, or interested in taking a more active role with the LP, join us in Shreveport in September.

Click here for more information and to register. I hope to see you there!

County News

HB1987: This will prohibit ANY political party officer from running as a candidate. This means many of our most active members - those serving as Precinct Chairs and County Executive Committee members - will be blocked in most cases from appearing on the ballot.

HB1812 and SB2093 (almost identical): These bills impose filing fees on our candidates even before being nominated. While the old parties supposedly pay such fees to fund their Primary elections, we do not use the Primaries, so these fees create an unreasonable burden.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your Representatives. Identify yourself as their constituent and voice opposition to these bills.

Example phone call script:

"Hello, I am a voter in House District ##, and I am calling to voice opposition to HB1987, HB1812, and SB2093. All of these bills create unreasonable restrictions for minor party candidates and limit voter choice. If anything, we need to eliminate existing restrictions so that Texans won't have so many unopposed races on their ballots. I urge Representative [Surname] to oppose these bills."

View additional information and instructions here.

Development Announcements

In April we welcomed Melissa Curry, Jean Kutzer, Marshall Beerwinkle, and Bob Townsend as Spirit of Texas members; Neil Sleep, George Reynolds, and Scott Horton as new Silver members; and Thomas Quintana as our newest Platinum member!

Since January 1, we have added 122 new members (54 monthly, 68 annual). If you're not already a member of LPTexas, join today.

We have raised over $4200 (or 60%) of our goal of $7000 in support of our Political Action Department's work at the Capitol during this Legislative Session. With $2800 left to raise for the Legislative Action Fund in just a few weeks, we need your help!

Please support this critical work by donating here.

Candidate Spotlight

Congratulations Jed Hefner for Leon Valley City Council - Place 3 on WINNING your race! Thank you for working hard to add a little more liberty to our state!

Mr. Hefner is an LPBexar endorsed candidate, winning 59% (585) against Danielle Carriere Bolton's 41% (413).

Mr. Hefner is an innovative technology servant leader with 13+ years of success directing strategic software projects throughout the development lifecycle and tackling complex organizational challenges head-on. He is a family man, a highly competitive board game player, and a Marine. Mr. Hefner is passionate about bringing financial literacy education to peers and professionals in a wide range of settings. Mr. Hefner will be contributing his talents to foster individual liberty, economic growth, and neighborhood revitalization in Leon Valley City.

Jed says: "Thank you for all the support and encouragement throughout the campaign. I look forward to advancing the cause of liberty for the people of Leon Valley."

Become An LPTexas Candidate.

Volunteer Needs

The SLEC will start selecting members for the 2022 Convention Committees at the May 15th meeting. These committees will prepare for the 2022 State Convention. 

Rules: Prepares proposals for bylaws changes to be voted on by the delegates.

Platform: Prepares proposals for platform changes to be voted on by the delegates.

Credentials: Verifies and presents a report to establish and maintain the roster of delegates and alternates seated at the convention.

If you have any interest in working on one of these committees you are encouraged to fill out an application.

It is also recommended you reach out to your SLEC representative to let them know of your interest.

You may also join our LPTexas Discord server if you have questions or would like to learn more!

Communication Corner

Our Twitter account dominated all other State affiliate accounts and is our most impactful Social Media platform.

In April, we had 10,900 mentions and added 2,372 new followers, taking us over the 14.4k follower mark. We maintained our position as the largest Libertarian Party State Affiliate account and actually increased the distance between us and the #2 affiliate.

Our 257 tweets garnered over 8.9 million impressions during the month. Below is a graph charting the last 6 months of growth in followers.

The Facebook Page and Group also saw modest growth during April, approving 120 requests for a net gain of 22 new members to the group and 438 new followers to the page. We need a dedicated Facebook account manager to provide original content to our page in order to improve these numbers. 

Instagram has seen a 7.5% increase in followers during April, bringing our total to 1,572 followers. 

We have sent out a monthly newsletter every month so far this year which has been receiving positive reviews and donations... thank you! 

If you have a Libertarian event you are participating in, please let us know about it so we may share it and help improve our exposure. If you have created a Facebook event, add the LPTexas Facebook Page as a co-host and utilize our network to increase attendance for your event.

Join The Communications Department


The May 15th SLEC Business Meeting will be held in Corpus Christi at the Emerald Beach Hotel’s Beachcomber Ballroom, 1102 S Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78401. The meeting is slated to begin at 9:00 AM.

There will be a social meetup on Friday, May 14th at 6 PM on the beach. Join Here

The 2021 Regional Affiliate and Campaign Training Initiative is an intensive, in-person, introductory program spearheaded by sitting Burnsville, Minnesota city council member Cara Schulz. The mission is to familiarize Libertarian candidates and staff with the basic elements of running a political campaign and to train present and future Affiliate Leaders.

LPTexas is joining LP Louisiana and other states in Region 7 on September 25 & 26 in Shreveport. Register Here

County affiliate events for May:

Want your event featured in the June 2021 newsletter? Add the Texas Libertarian FB Page as a co-host to your Facebook event! Alternatively, you can fill out this form or send it to [email protected] by May 28th.

Happy Cinco De Mayo to all our amigos. Enjoy today's fiestas celebrating the underdog victories and the Mexican culture!

With Love,

LPTexas Communications Dept.

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