March 2021: Kiss Me, I'm Libertarian!

LPTexas News: March 2021

Turn Texas Into A Pot O' Gold!

Top o' the mornin', LPTexans.

Thank you to all the Libertarians who helped their fellow man during the February 2021 Blizzard which left cold Texans in the dark and without water or basic necessities. #LeftInTheCold and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott went viral... but not in a good way.

He has tried redeeming himself by lifting the Texas mask mandate and opening the capacity of all businesses and facilities to 100%. We finally do not have to be forced to care for others with government intervention, and our freedoms have been restored on this issue. 15 states have made this decision so far and we are glad to join them.

May the leprechauns be near you to spread luck along your way, and may all the Irish angels smile upon you this St. Patrick's Day.


County News

LPTexas continues to add affiliated counties following an influx of temporary county chair applications in 2021. With an average of 3 new county chairs every two months, a local Libertarian Party is now available to over 83% of Texans!

Would you like to help increase the reach of our local county affiliates and find ways we can expand into new counties? Contact Nathan Watts, the LPTexas County Coordinator, to ask how you can get involved! [email protected]

Membership Announcements

It's Texas History Month! From March 2nd (Texas Independence Day) through April 21st (San Jacinto Day), the Libertarian Party of Texas is offering a special, monthly membership at $18.36 to celebrate the year of the Texas Revolution.

We call it the “Spirit of Texas” Membership Level to honor our Texas roots. Catch the spirit and join up at this unique and limited-time level!

Thank you to our new Silver, Gold, and Platinum members!

Stephanie Weiss, Richard Walton, Les Mauldin, Ryan Thompson, Amy Morales, Joe Roberts, Brook Bailey, Shohn Trojacek

Joe White, Mark Friend, Christiana Chamon, Michelle Wigington

S Srinivasan and Bill Collins!

To donate and to find out more information go to or contact Ginny Moore at [email protected]

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Legislation Updates

HB 1812 filed by Republican Valoree Swanson HD150, forces convention party candidates for nomination to pay filing fees like a primary party candidate, EXCEPT our filing fees go into the general fund and do not cover our convention costs. This would essentially be a candidate tax and a violation of the 14th Amendment.

The convention parties get NO BENEFIT from this fee, yet the primary parties get over $18 million to put on the primary elections, press releases from the Secretary of State, and all the mass media coverage of the primary elections.

Is this what Governor Abbott meant by promoting "the values of freedom, good governance, and patriotism” in his State of the State speech?

Who needs credibility when you have coercion? Please share this outrage with your representative and state senator. If you’re not sure who your state representatives are, check out Who Represents Me?

Candidate Spotlight

ACTION REQUIRED: Phil Gray must meet the $3,150 filing fee TODAY @ NOON to be able to file tomorrow so he can appear on the ballot for the Special Election - TX 6th Congressional.

There are a half dozen Republicans and Democrats seeking this office. They will split the party votes, and the disgusted and disenchanted can put us over the top. It's a 'jungle primary', where the top two have a runoff!

Please pitch in what you can $10, $20, $50, $100. Let's put LPTexas on the board.

On May 1st, 2021 municipal elections around the state are happening: cities, school districts, and water districts. We encourage qualified candidates to consider running locally. If interested please contact Ted Brown, the Candidate Coordinator for LPTexas at [email protected]

So far, for the May 1 election, we have:

Become A LPTexas Candidate.

Volunteer Spotlight

When things get tough, it’s hard to know where to turn. But Joe Burnes is someone who leads from the front and lends a hand wherever he can.

There is a long line of things Joe does to help his fellow Libertarians. For example, following our quarterly State Libertarian Executive Committee meeting, instead of heading home to focus on repairs to his property, he and others drove to Hutto, TX to help our very own Steven R. Harris make the final push towards the Mayoral race he is running in.

The legislative session is in full swing and a metric ton of pork and bloat bills are being introduced to the house floor (like HB1812, HB1819, and so many more). Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t have the manpower to fight the Republicrats. If you’d like to become a watchdog for the nanny state, please consider going to and click the "Call / Visit Your Rep" option, along with any other options that might apply.

Join Our Volunteers

Communication Corner

Twitter continued to lead the way with Social Media impact with 2,436 mentions, even having our name mentioned by Mainstream news outlets and adding 339 new followers in February taking us over the 10.1k followers. We maintained our position as the largest Libertarian Party State Affiliate account. Our 290 tweets garnered over 1.1 Million impressions in the short month of February.

Here's the top tweet:

The Facebook Page and Group also saw increased growth during the short month, adding 168 new members to the group and 537 new followers to the page.  

We are currently in the process of vetting volunteers to manage our content on Instagram and even developing a TikTok account.

Also, be on the lookout for more regular email communications from the State Party regarding legislative issues in Austin that are relevant to the Party.

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On Friday, February 26th we had a spectacular “Karaok-athon” fundraiser before the Q1 SLEC meeting in Bastrop, TX. This event almost didn’t happen due to the original venue pulling out and the snowstorm, but we are so grateful to Community Gardens in Bastrop who hosted us and allowed us to raise more than $4,000 for the party!

Thank you to everyone who came out and especially to those who sang your hearts out for Liberty! What a great time to reconnect with Libertarians across the state.

Steven R. Harris is in the last days of his election running for Hutto City Major. From now until Election Day on March 6, he needs many volunteers in the area for block walking, handing flyers, shaking hands, and kissing babies!

Grab some walking shoes, a can-do attitude, and join us all day Saturday, March 6 @ 10 AM CST – 4 PM CST. Join Here

Join LPTexas for a Lobbying Day on the Capitol as we meet with our Representatives and Senators to discuss the legislative items we want to see passed as we move through this legislative session. Join Here
People For Liberty is sponsoring Pot O’ Gold, a St Patrick’s day special to promote the end of the war on drugs. Featured speakers include Spike Cohen, Jo Jorgensen, Jim Gray, Dr. Aaron Lewis, Matthew Mears, and more! This is a live virtual event happening all day Saturday, March 13 starting @ 12 PM on the People For Liberty Facebook page. Join Here 

County affiliate events for March:

  • Libertarian Party of Montgomery County Happy Hour: Friday, March 5 @ 5 PM, Lone Pint Brewery in Magnolia View Here
  • Brazos County LP Meeting: Saturday, March 6 @ 12:00 PM, C & J Barbecue in Bryan, TX View Here
  • Northeast Texas Libertarian Meet & Greet: Saturday, March 6 @ 2:00 PM, 1836 Texas Kitchen in Tyler View Here
  • Washington County LP Meetup: Monday, March 8 @ 6:30 PM, Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Brenham View Here
  • Collin County LP Monthly Meeting: Wednesday, March 10 @ 7:00 PM, 5th Street Pizza in Allen, TX
  • LPFortBend Third-Party Thursday: No Leaf Clover Edition: Thursday, March 18 @ 6 PM, Clancy's Public House in Richmond View Here
  • Midland County LP Meeting: Friday, March 19th @ 8 PM, Eccentric Brewing Company in Midland View Here
  • LPBexar Saturday Picnic: Saturday, March 27 @ 12 PM, Woodlawn Lake Park in San Antonio View Here
  • Brazoria County LP Monthly Meeting: Friday, March 12 @ 7:30 PM, El Patio Tex-Mex Grill & Bar in Angleton View Here

Want your event featured in the April 2021 newsletter? Tag the Texas Libertarian FB Group as an event organizer! Alternatively, you can fill out this form or send it to [email protected] by March 31st.

Libertarians have better, free-market solutions for all. We are coming for you in 2022, Governor Abbott!

With Love,

LPTexas Communications Dept.

[email protected]