Libertarians & Liberals

Libertarians & Liberals

Libertarians and Liberals

Liberals Want Big Government

Liberals, at their core, are "statists" and favor powerful, centralized, federal government that would regulate the free market, business and environmental policies, install an even more progressive tax system than already exists, correct a perceived "inequality" in society and provide more services, despite a $15 trillion national debt and the limits set upon government power in the Constitution. Liberals tend to see the Constitution as irrelevant to modern times and have an expansive view of what government authority encompasses. Their tax-and-spend policies are their endorsement of the idea that we can all live at the expense of our neighbors indefinitely. This is a notion that defies reality, our country's current economic situation and the principles of liberty and self-sovereignty that America was founded upon. While being very distrustful of the private sector, Liberals place a large amount of trust in government. In fact, they believe most positive change in society is a result of government action and coercion. Their ideal vision for our American republic would be to implement a European-style social democracy. Regarding fiscal policy and the size and authority of government, the beliefs of collectivist Liberals and individualist Libertarians are irreconcilable.

Liberals traditionally support the Democratic Party, which has recently become more radical, socialist and is essentially owned by unions and other powerful interest groups. While political polarization has increased and the Democratic Party has indeed become more liberal, the general electorate is shedding the traditional Democratic and Republican labels. We recognize that there are independent individuals that vote Democratic because of the support for civil liberties and opposition to war that the party is associated with, but do not necessarily agree with the views of Liberals. It is to these people that the Libertarian Party of Texas encourages dialogue.

Do you favor less government, less regulation of the free market and less reliance on unsustainable entitlement programs?

Do you believe that our country's debt problem is a consequence of high spending rather than low taxation? Do you support non-intervention toward foreign countries versus a program of nation-building and "world policing?" Do you believe that other people have the right to live their lives as they want and marry who they want, while also not forcing their values on you? Do you believe that our citizens have a right to privacy from our government, including the right to not be monitored, wire-tapped or searched invasively without cause? If so, LPTexas is for you.

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