Libertarians & Conservatives

Libertarians & Conservatives

Libertarians and Conservatives

Conservatives Also Like Big Government

For some reason, Libertarians are occasionally called "Conservatives" or "Republicans." We are eager to dispel the myth that we're Republicans, because while there are some similarities in our beliefs, there are also significant differences. Conservatives claim otherwise, but like their Liberal counterparts, they also strive for big, authoritarian government. To them, big government is OK — they just want to be the ones in charge of it.

There exist glaring contradictions in the Conservatives' theoretical call for limited government and what is practiced in reality by the Republican Party. 1) Imposition of personal morals onto others. The "traditional values" discussion is another way of expressing a preoccupation with how other people choose to live their lives, practice religion (or not), decide who to marry or how to define a family, and display intolerance toward those who do not subscribe to their worldview. Conservatives want a government large enough to legislate morality and dictate our personal habits and lifestyle choices. 2) Support for military and diplomatic intervention in the affairs of sovereign nations. Although, to be fair, the Democratic Party revealed itself to be just as culpable with the recent military adventure in Libya. 3) Lack of respect for the privacy of American citizens. Conservatives led the charge for the Patriot Act, and are now leading the charge for national ID.

Even on the issue where Libertarians and Conservatives agree, fiscal responsibility, the Republican Party contradicts itself with a complete lack of leadership on reducing the national debt. The Republican Party is content to cut a few billion from non-defense, discretionary spending. With a national debt of more than $15 trillion, that is not a serious solution. The Republican Party also supports corporate welfare, agricultural/farm subsidies, high defense spending and unsustainable entitlement programs.

Truly limited government means not only staying out of peoples' bank accounts and businesses, but also out of peoples' consciences, homes and family lives. If you currently are affiliated with the Republican Party but find our message of liberty appealing, the Libertarian Party of Texas is for you. We are the only party where fiscal conservatism and tolerance toward others converge.

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