Legislative Action Fund

$10,207.13 Raised
Goal: $7,000.00

LPTexas Treasurer Kate Prather testifying before the House Elections Committee regarding HB1812.


One-Time Donation to Fund Monthly Donation to Fund
We have an immediate need for $7,000 for compensation and expenses for our full-time Legislative Coordinator to continue the work he’s doing through the end of the 2021 Legislative Session. We face several direct threats from the Republicans and Democrats, who are increasingly coming up with new strategies to try to keep our candidates off the ballots in Texas, or restrict who we are able to nominate. And of course we want legislators to hear from us on bills pertaining to issues such as gun rights, property taxes, rights of small business owners, and many more.

Your generous contribution today goes straight to our lobbying efforts, keeping our Legislative Coordinator in Austin where he can engage with representatives and committees on a daily basis, as well as coordinate the efforts of teams of LPTexas volunteers who travel to Austin when they can. Thank you for making this work possible!
We are not quitting in June just because the session is over, and during the time between legislative sessions there is much work to be done cultivating relationships with legislators while developing a knowledge base and building a war chest for the next term. While we won’t have a full-time representative in Austin five days a week between sessions, we will have expenses for mailouts and for in-person meetings with representatives, and will need the support of our donors to keep from losing the ground we have gained this year. Your monthly donation allows us to maintain our momentum from the 2021 session and build on it for 2023. Join the Legislative Action Team by committing to a monthly recurring donation—your support is what keeps us going!

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