June 2021

LPTexas News: June 2021

Let's Dive Into Summer!

It's summertime!

Its time to trade in our boots for sandals, crack a cold one and relax by the pool! Right? Not so fast! We got a lot to catch up on from last month and quite a fun filled summer planned across Texas spreading the message of liberty! Check out what we've been up to and what we have going on, and if you happen to be poolside with an umbrella drink while reading this... good for you!


A Word From The Chair

The Libertarian Party is bringing campaign and leadership training to Region 7. LPTexas will join our host LP Louisiana and fellow LNC Region 7 affiliates for this training.

The mission is to familiarize Libertarian candidates and staff with the basic elements of running a political campaign and to train present and future affiliate leaders.

If you are a prospective candidate, campaign volunteer, or interested in taking a more active role with the LP, join us in Shreveport in September.

Click here for more information and to register. I hope to see you there!

County Affiliate News

While we’re thrilled to continue receiving a steady stream of applications to form new county parties, the need is recognized to prioritize support to our existing affiliates. Accordingly, here are a few upcoming changes in LPTexas toward this goal:

  •  A new County Leadership Guidebook and more resources are being developed for publication.
  • We are hiring a volunteer team of Affiliate Liaisons dedicated to providing connection and support to county parties.
  • The “County Coordinator” role was renamed to Affiliate Coordinator to emphasize a focus on the relationship between LPTexas and our county party affiliates.

We look forward to further developing our support for leaders of county parties! Please reach out any time with questions: [email protected]

Development Announcements

Our recent fundraising drive in support of the Legislative Action Fund and the Political Action Department was a great success thanks to the support of the 82 donors who responded to the call. We raised $7,760.99 (11% over our initial goal) from 78 members and 3 'friends of LPTexas' who aren't members (yet), then added another $3,500 based on a donor match of 50% of our first $7,000, for a grand total raised of $11,260.99. We not only covered our representative in Austin for this legislative session, but we'll have over $4,000 in reserve in the Legislative Action Fund for future lobbying efforts. Many thanks to all who contributed to this team effort!

Meanwhile, we'd like to welcome new Silver members Matthew Burns and Scott Talley to LPTexas, as well as 36 new Bronze and Basic members! Thanks for your support!

Please support this critical work by donating here.

Legislative Action

Redistricting is the next challenge for an appropriate representative government and we can participate. Please check this website https://redistricting.capitol.texas.gov/2020s for announcements for your opportunity to be heard in a public hearing. Your testimony and/or map submission might make the difference. The Texas GOP has lawyers prepared to defend their new gerrymandered districts due shortly after August 16th. 

Here is a humorous explanation of a terrible injustice. Adam Explains Gerrymandering


Candidate Spotlight

Congratulations to Valerie Stegemoller on her May 1st City Council WIN for the City of Evant, TX near the Killeen, Temple, Ft. Hood Metroplex.

Libertarians all over the State are winning local elections and putting Libertarian ideas into action. Interested in helping your community? Click the link below to reach out to our candidate coordinator.

Become An LPTexas Candidate.

Volunteer Spotlight

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller has been one of LPTexas's hardest working most vocal proponents for cannabis reform in the Texas Legislature. This session was no different. During the 4 month legislative session she overcame physical limitations and was speaking to members of both the House and Senate multiple times and making people aware of the status of current legislation and the dire need for change. In addition to her work as an activist, she serves on the State Executive Committee as a representative from Senate District 10. Thank you Elizabeth for your hard work and dedication to the Libertarian Party of Texas!

Communication Corner

No rest for the weary! Our Communications team continues to lead the way and plan to continue cranking out great stuff all summer! However, WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you are the creative type, love Facebook and can create consistent, directed content to publish to our page, we want to talk to you! We also have a need for someone familiar with TicTok that is willing to be the face of the State Party and produce informative 60 second videos for our TicTok account. Email us if that's you!

We're #1!!!


Since February, our Twitter account has grown by over 50%! Currently, we are the largest State Affiliate account in the Country, and nearly 2x the size of the 2nd largest account. If you're not following @LPTexas on twitter, you're missing out!

We need a dedicated Facebook account manager to provide original content to our page in order to improve these numbers our growth throw the summer as we transition from Legislative season to campaign season. Let us know if you love Facebook, are creative and wanting to help us grow!

Instagram has seen a 7.6% increase in new followers during May, bringing our total to 1,656 followers. A traditionally underutilized social media source but we are seeing some consistent growth. Have pictures you think would be great for Instagram? Send them to [email protected].  

We are bringing back our YouTube channel back to life! Here you can find great educational videos from some of our coalition partners, previous LPTexas speakers, conventions, SLEC meetings and Videos of LPTexas members testifying at the Capitol! Follow our YouTube account for future livestreams!

June marks the 6th consecutive month we have produced a newsletter which has been receiving positive reviews and donations... thank you for your support in reading and sharing this! 

Want to help the communications team with Content Creation, Video Production, Press Relations or more? Volunteer on the link below!

Join The Communications Department


We had a beautiful (and windy) Beach Party preceding the Q2 SLEC meeting in Corpus Christi! Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed music, hotdogs, s'mores, and generator-powered piña coladas.
Very soon we will be making announcements about the 2022 state convention, so stay tuned for that! We hope you can join us for our Q3 or Q4 events.
To apply as an events department volunteer, go to www.lptexas.org/department_app
The 2021 Regional Affiliate and Campaign Training Initiative is an intensive, in-person, introductory program spearheaded by sitting Burnsville, Minnesota city council member Cara Schulz. The mission is to familiarize Libertarian candidates and staff with the basic elements of running a political campaign and to train present and future Affiliate Leaders.

LPTexas is joining LP Louisiana and other states in Region 7 on September 25 & 26 in Shreveport. Register Here

County affiliate events for June:

Want your event featured in the July 2021 newsletter? Add the Texas Libertarian FB Page as a co-host to your Facebook event! Alternatively, you can fill out this form or send it to [email protected] by July 4th.


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