July 2021

LPTexas News: July 2021

Celebrate Independence Day, Everyday

“You’d think we’d be freer,” I said…

Over the weekend, a fellow Libertarian (from Louisiana) was praising LPTexas and commenting about how Texas (the state and its people) has always been regarded as a beacon of liberty. The spirit of Texas is one of rebellion, revolution, individualism, self-reliance, prosperity, and freedom. So…you’d think we’d be freer.

Independence Day each year is merely a reminder of all we have yet to do. We can’t take days off. We have to work, and fight, everyday toward liberty for all people all the time.

Just as election day is Day 0 for those of us doing the work of a political party, July 4th signifies the start of another round of battles for liberty in Texas. It is a time for banding together to promote the principles that unite us. It is a time for standing side-by-side against the authoritarian principles that unite our opposition. It is a time for recruiting Libertarian candidates to amplify the Libertarian voice.

I do hope our staff, volunteers, officers, executive committee members, and county affiliate leaders enjoyed some well-deserved R&R this past weekend. I am excited to see whose fuses were lit, what sparks were ignited, and how much freer we can get.

County Affiliate News

Have you seen the new County Leadership Guidebook? Find it on our Resources page: lptexas.org/resources

Whether you’re a new County Chair, a veteran leader, or a member who’d like to know more about how county parties operate, you’ll find this document to be filled with helpful overviews of the essentials with advice and links to related resources!

As an example, the chart below from the guidebook summarizes the timeline and activities in the formation of county affiliates. All LPTexas members can play a part in supporting local growth!

We look forward to further developing our support for leaders of county parties! Please reach out any time with questions: [email protected]

Communication Corner

The LPTexas Communications Team had an amazing June & are ready to keep spreading the word of liberty in July. Social media managers produced, yet again, impressive engagement & growth numbers while our Newsletter maestro took the reins back to continue producing fun and informative content. We also issued 3 Press releases for our new affiliate counties. We continue to clean up and expand our database, getting rid of outdated contact information and gaining new subscribers every day. Here are the stats from our top-rated social media team platforms.

Twitter- 5.8 million impressions from 355 tweets, resulting in 1,525 new followers and 13k mentions.

Instagram- With just 12 posts to Instagram, we saw an increase of 53.1% in impressions growing our followers by 190 to 1,853.

Facebook- We reached 356,893 people representing a 231% increase in the previous month. Additionally, there were 1,193 Page likes and 1,225 new Page followers during June.

Spreading the message of what the State Party is doing is out #1 job. If you are hosting or are aware of Liberty events in your area and would like us to help spread the message, please reach out to us at [email protected] and let us help promote getting involved with LPTexas.

Want to help the communications team with Content Creation, Video Production, Press Relations, or more? Volunteer on the link below!

Join The Communications Department



We are thrilled to announce that the 2022 LPTexas State convention will be held in Irving, TX! Mark your calendars now: April 8-9, 2022 at The Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas. More information to come in the near future!

The Q3 SLEC Meeting is August 21, 2021, at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Mesquite. A room block is being provided and a booking link will be posted this week.

Following the SLEC meeting, we hope you will join us for a Wild West "Pimp-Style" Costume Party! It's up to you if you'll be inspired toward more wild west garb, or if pimp trappings are more your style. There will be prizes for best costumes and there may be some special guest appearances. Food, drinks, games, music, and more. Tickets will go on sale VERY soon.

County affiliate events for June:

Want your event featured in the August 2021 newsletter? Add the Texas Libertarian FB Page as a co-host to your Facebook event! Alternatively, you can fill out this form or send it to [email protected] by August 2nd.


With Love,

LPTexas Communications Dept.

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