January 2021

Word From The Chair: Whitney Bilyeu


I am excited to welcome 2021 and put 2020 behind us. We faced some hardships this past year, but we did not surrender and had some solid wins, too. Our state convention was a major success and no one could have pivoted again and again to pull off such a feat the way our LPTexas convention, credentials, platform, and rules committees did. It is an honor to serve with those folks.

We have seen an increase in membership, donations, county chair applicants, volunteer staff inquiries, and general interest in LPTexas since August. We successfully crowdfunded an emergency legal fund and defeated Republicans in the Texas Supreme Court when they came after our candidates. We held a sold-out fundraising event featuring Jo Jorgensen in conjunction with one of our most successful and fruitful SLEC meetings just days after the election. To put it simply, we won't be stopped.

I look forward to what LPTexas has in store for 2021. I hope you will join us by whatever means you can to support our legislative and outreach efforts moving forward. We are working to build a robust volunteer staff, as well as an active county affiliate base. We are making organizational adjustments to maximize recruiting efforts, and we are focused on enhancing donor relations and communications.

Thank you for being a part of LPTexas, and please consider becoming a monthly donor or increasing your monthly contribution to our organization. The more recurring financial support we have, the easier it is to make sure LPTexas stays top-of-mind among voters. Many of them learned who we are this past year, and we can't let them forget!