There is a Party for Liberty Happening in Texas LPTexas

I support the Libertarian Party of Texas because the Libertarian Party platform best represents my political ideals and views.  The LP is made up of a diverse group of people who want less government and go by the non-aggression principle.  As people realize how corrupt the two-party system is they are turning toward FREEDOM and that is the LP of Texas.

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    Contact Us

    Thank you for reaching out to the Libertarian Party of Texas. If you wish to contact us another way here is our contact info.

    100 Congress Ave Suite 2000, Austin, Texas 78701

    Phone: (800) 422-1776

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    I signed up to volunteer for Libertarian Party of Texas. Join me!


    Get Involved

    There are many ways you can become involved in support of the cause of liberty. We'll be delighted if you choose one or two! Be sure to check our State County Affiliates page too, where you will find the direct contact information of our current LPTexas County Chairs. Don't see your County? Consider putting in an application for County Chair and get your county party running! Together, we can Turn Texas Gold. 

    IMPORTANT: By signing up to volunteer you are agreeing to allow the Libertarian Party of Texas to share your information with our affiliate and partner organizations so that we can best direct you to help at a local level. If you have any questions please contact us.

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