April 2021: Lobby The Robbers!

LPTexas News: April 2021

Lobbying Tells Texas to Stop Robbing Us

Hello LPTexans,

Well, the lifted mask mandate came and went, and guess what? Cases have been dropping daily. Turns out people don't need to be forced into determining what is best for their safety.

So now we turn to the big issues happening in the Texas Statehouse. We are being faced with numerous ballot access and gun control laws that we need to fight. There are also property tax and cannabis bills that we need to support. How do we do that? Lobbying!

Citizen lobbying is one of the strongest avenues we have to positively affect our freedoms, and all it requires is an investment of your time and gas money to get to the capital. 

Check out the funny, informative report on last month's lobbying day. It will give you an idea of what lobbying is like for the first time and tips to make the most of your visit. Read about it here.

Because of that great success, LPTexas is placing renewed focus and vigor behind the lobbying faction of our party. Join us! Our next lobbying day on April 15th, tax day! RSVP here.


County News

Help us help our county affiliates!

LPTexas is recruiting County Affiliate Liaisons who will proactively connect with leaders of our county parties to keep updated with their successes and offer support to overcome challenges. Liaisons will join the unpaid but dedicated Volunteer Staff of LPTexas and work directly with the County Coordinator.

Send questions to [email protected] or apply now.

Membership Announcements

Don't forget LPTexas is offering the "Spirit of Texas" monthly membership at $18.36 to celebrate the year of the Texas Revolution. Catch the spirit and join up at this unique and limited-time level!

We added 35 new members and saw 4 more existing members increase their membership level.

Welcoming new silver members Neil Sleep and Bernard Johnson, new gold members Pete Seidel and Thorne Campbell, upgrading gold member Ivan Foster, and upgrading platinum members Jeinay LeBlanc and Sean Baker.

To donate and to find out more information go to LPTexas.org/donate or contact Ginny Moore at [email protected]

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Legislation Updates

There are so many freedom-infringing bills we are trying to fight! One in particular is Section (2) of HB1987. It is a threat to LPTexas because it reduces the number of potential candidates by making County and Precinct Chairs of Convention Parties ineligible to run for office. Currently, this rule only applies to Primary Parties.

Please contact your Texas House Representative and ask them to read this short bill and not limit candidate participation on the ballot.

Competition makes Texas stronger. To find your State Representative, click here.

Candidate Spotlight

On May 1st, 2021, municipal elections around the state are happening: cities, school districts, and water districts. We encourage qualified candidates to consider running locally.

Become A LPTexas Candidate.

Volunteer Spotlight

This month’s volunteer is an exemplar of how to grow our REACH!

He is loud, he is proud, and you probably follow him on Twitter without realizing it. April is all about our secret weapon, Jonathan Casey!

Social media is where we reach the masses when Libertarians struggle for traditional media coverage, and Jonathan has taken the Libertarian Party of Texas’ Twitter game to the next level.

If you wanna see how LPTexas rocks it on Twitter, give us a follow @LPTexas, and don’t forget to thank Jonathan by becoming a supporting member at LPTexas.org/donate.

We need more social media content creators! Facebook, MeWe, Youtube, Instagram, maybe even Tic Tok in some distant future.

If you feel like the articulate, well-rounded Libertarian who wants to write for LPTexas, go to LPTexas.org/Volunteer and check off the Write/Tweet/Post option. Hope to hear from y’all soon!

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Communication Corner

March was an especially impressive month for the communication department! From our newly approved ability to send out batch press releases, the success of the newsletter, and our Social Media accounts seeing more engagement and growth than ever, the communications team is leading the way among all State Affiliates. Here are some stats for social media.

  • Our Twitter is by far the largest following among State affiliates. We increased by 1,753 new followers in March to a total of 11,900 followers as a result of 722 tweets (a 72% increase over February) and over 6.5 Million impressions (a whopping 446% increase over February). More telling than any other statistic was the number of mentions which increased by 327% in March with over 14k mentions. Follow us on Twitter!
  • The Facebook group grew by 1.5% (99 new members) to a total of 7,327 members. During that time we held constant with 5,261 active members (members who engaged at least 1 time during the month). This indicates that the members in the group are largely participating in conversations, which is a key indicator for the success of this group. Join the Facebook Group!
  • The Facebook page likes increased by 176% over February in March with 1,440 likes. Additionally, the number of followers increased from February to March by 1,446 followers (an increase of 175%). The total Post reach was 1.8 Million viewers in March. Follow our Page.
  • Our Instagram account has seen a 74.9% increase in content interactions over the last 30 days compared to the previous, and we now have an audience of 1,456 followers (an increase of 6.9%). Follow us on Instagram.

What does all this mean? It means that despite our already significant size advantage over other State affiliates, we are still growing in all areas of social media at a pace that - if we can continue - will make us hard to catch.

Libertarianism and interest in the Libertarian Party of Texas are high, and we on the communications team are working hard to maximize and capture new voters, volunteers, followers, candidates, and staff to keep up with the growth. If you would like to join our team, click the link below!

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Let's head to the capitol on Tax Day, April 15th for the 2nd Lobby Day in Austin as we speak to our elected representatives and make our voices heard on important bills being considered during this legislative session. Join Here

May 1st is the National Libertarian Day of Service! Let’s Prove Volunteerism Works. Rally with other people who love Liberty in your county or state, determine the best way your group can impact your area, create a plan, and do it! We were able to organize nationwide on a single day for an important cause with Let Her Speak, let's do it again! Join Here
The Q2 quarterly meeting of the LPTexas executive committee will be happening Saturday, May 15, location TBD. Join Here

County affiliate events for April:

Want your event featured in the April 2021 newsletter? Tag the Texas Libertarian FB Page as a host! Alternatively, you can fill out this form or send it to [email protected] by April 30th.

To celebrate the day we all love to hate, feel free to tax these memes about taxes that we also taxed.

With Love,

LPTexas Communications Dept.

[email protected]