Anchia Amendment


Libertarian Party of Texas Supports Representative's Anchia’s Internet Privacy Amendment

Austin, TX  04/05/2016

In accordance with our principles, the Libertarian Party of Texas (LPTexas) supports Representative Anchia's Internet Privacy Amendment to the Texas Appropriations Bill. The US Congress recently passed a bill making it "legal" for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to collect and sell customer web browsing history and other data, without the customer consenting to the data even being collected. LPTexas applauds Representative Anchia's amendment barring the State of Texas from doing business with companies that participate in this violation of basic privacy rights.

LPTexs believes in an inherent right to privacy. We hold that the purpose of government is to protect our rights and property, and should never become a threat to the very things it was established to protect. Every citizen who values internet privacy and believes that business should respect privacy rights, regardless of the law, should support the Internet Privacy Amendment to the Appropriations Bill. This will prevent any of your tax dollars being spent with companies that choose to violate your right to privacy.

LPTexas encourages those opposed to the recent action by the US Congress to contact their Texas Representative and State Senator.

Additionally, inquiries about LPTexas' position can be directed to Dr. Mark Miller, Political Action Director, [email protected]

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