2017 Legislative Money Bomb

It is time! The 85th legislative session is here, and the Libertarian Party is focused on three primary issues this year.

  • Election Reform
  • Right to Try
  • Right to Die

We want you to help us fight for the rights of all Texans. We will be sending volunteers to the capitol to talk to legislators on your behalf, but it costs money.

You can:

Buy our volunteers a tank of gas by donating $20.17.

Make LPTexas' 46th year it's best by donating $46.

Buy a volunteer a room for a night by donating $85.

Buy printed material for all 181 legislators by donating $181.

Get a Libertarian bill on the floor in 2017 by donating $2,017.

$181.34 pledged

How much will you pledge to donate on 12:00 AM CST on January 10 2017?