1. Donation links will be open from February 3rd - February 29th at 11:59pm.
2. The four candidates whose names raise the highest amount of money will be invited to participate in the debate.
3. Maximum donation of $100 per person/per candidate.


  • Candidates listed are those who received support in a previous LPTexas interest poll. If you are a candidate and are not listed but you would like to be, please contact
  • All candidates, even those who do not qualify for a spot in the debate, will be invited to the pre-debate VIP cocktail hour.
  • All candidates whose supporters raise $150 or more will be given a candidate booth for the convention.
  • The Texas Convention is a very large event, and the presidential debate is open to the public. Space and A/V has to be rented, and staff and security have to be hired. We all know that "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" and that applies here too. Donations go directly to the cost to put on this event that will allow candidates to answer a number of questions for both Libertarians and non-Libertarians in attendance.

Thank you for supporting your candidates and supporting LPTexas!