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    Objective necessity for division of big countries into Republics of Earth.

    Optimal Development will give global plan economics in addition to local market one.

    Main means to reduce poverty, confrontation, global warming.

    The big countries are based on force and have strong inertia, which block development and lead to wars. The present global crisis, caused by exhaustion and ageing of the main productive force, i.e. of science, its general ideas, leads to the global nuclear war. The main consumer of science is the USA, and they suffer most of all from the science’s exhaustion and ageing. This is the cause of the US huge debt, printing of empty money, expansion to the Middle East and Ukraine, movement of NATO to the borders of Russia. The way out is a scientific division of the USA and other big countries into the Republics of Earth (cities and their regions) and the World Army composed of parts of countries’ armies, to ensure stability of life and liquidate nuclear arms, financed by incomes from the general ideas on Optimal Development (OD), for the incomes of countries are being decreased with the global crisis increment.

    The global crisis is caused by confrontation, which is a losing way of life. In science it is presented by a separate use of logic and dialectic, thus exhausting the basis of science, its general ideas. The way out is a compromise between logic and dialectic, as the Method of Optimal Development (OD), based on a compromise between the general and particular interests. According to the OD Method the XXI century’s task is the Optimal World with a basis global-compromise-local, including a compromise between the main opposite values, i.e. between the OD general ideas and particular capitals, to set up the OD Center for the optimization of transportation, energetics and thinking, with its branches in big cities. (According to the OD the countries’ authorities must support the OD and be permanent, before they retire, and to keep the countries’ unity there must be offices to ensure preservation of their language, traditions, culture.)

    MAIN BENEFIT Life is a union of matter and movement. As for the matter, people have homes, cars, TV sets etc. It is worse with the movement: 1) problems of transport in cities; 2) they’ve mastered the movement along the earth, worse – along the water, even worse on the air, but it is the most effective one. The most safe, cheap, fast electric flying cars, planes, Space ships will be given by the optimaltransport21.blogspot.com (like E-mail vs post). Experts on aviation have been brought on the old ideas and can’t accept the new ones. Invest 0.001 of the average annual income in a country, with the right to use the optimal flying cars and planes by their low cost price, with flights at a price of a city bus trip, with getting for free the theory of Optimal Development as the General Further Education. This’ll reduce car jams, exhaust, heat, stop price rise, give new jobs,, optimal thinking, energetics Optimizatsiyamishleniyaitransporta.blogspot.com.

    Optimal electro flying cars & busses (effect like that of E-mail vs Post).

    The most safe, cheap, fast optimal electro flying cars and busses will allow to fly to any place at a price of a city bus trip. When flying down they’ll be able to restore the main part of energy spent on flying up. They’ll allow to use the Solar elements’ fields on pontoons along the equator and in Space by the use of optimal spaceships (optimal planes with optimal engines on gas). This’ll give optimal cities, solution of problems of migrants etc. optimaltransport21.blogspot.com

    Teregulov Univ. ed., Sci. degree & title on General Mechanics with applications to aircraft etc. Member of Kazan academy of scientific creativity. Son got this specialty too. He is strong in design, business. Razum21@hotmail.com +78432365517

    You’ll also get the following and other info:

    Main means to solve problems of terrorism, migrants, Kurds.

    General ideas on Optimal Development worth $35.5 trillion.

    System of innovations causes rise of prices & recession of economics.

    Optimal Justice by fighting consequences & causes of negative phenomena.

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