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Thank you for reaching out to the Libertarian Party of Texas. We are highly responsive to comments on this page but if you wish to contact us another way here is our contact info.

111 Congress Ave Suite 400, Austin, Texas 78701

Toll-Free: (800) 422-1776

Phone: (512) 279-7860

Fax: (512) 233-0613

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  • Melina Baker
    followed this page 2017-12-12 09:48:53 -0600
  • Jason Ubernosky
    commented 2017-12-04 20:47:50 -0600
    How do I become a state party member?
  • Jason Hope
    commented 2017-11-17 15:55:13 -0600
    I live in the Waco area and am wanting to get involved. I have been a long time libertarian and feel we need to bring this country back to the principles of the founders and liberty. I am willing to help candidates run and I would like to run for office myself, pretty much anything I can do to advance the principles of liberty.
  • Brian Berryman
    commented 2017-11-12 19:43:04 -0600
    Please contact me via my email or by text to 469-835-7983, I want to get involved in representation of my district
  • Andrew Padilla
    commented 2017-11-11 20:29:36 -0600
    Sorry, the name is I am just asking if you all have a candidate to oppose Lloyd Doggett, in the 35th District. I remember that you hosted a candidates forum for the May, 2017 local elections; I participated.
  • Eric Inzauro
    commented 2017-11-10 19:19:15 -0600
  • Gerald Johnson
    commented 2017-11-03 18:58:19 -0500
    I hope the Libertarian Party will run someone for Lamar Smith,District 21, open position for Congress since he’s not seeking re-election after 30 years.I feel the Libertarian candidate could pick up alot of votes in the general election in November 2018.
  • Kenneth Elliston
    commented 2017-11-03 15:56:32 -0500
    There needs to be fire righteousness now get me some propaganda for Texas candidates
  • Jordan Whitaker
    commented 2017-11-02 12:35:38 -0500
    I’d like to know what you are doing in order to obtain wider ballot access and open debates, as well as whether or not you’re working with other third parties to do so.
  • J.L. Wiswell
    commented 2017-10-02 15:51:45 -0500
    Is there a candidate for lt. Governor?
  • Christie Bellinger
    followed this page 2017-10-01 20:16:20 -0500
  • Gerald Johnson
    commented 2017-09-28 13:26:34 -0500
    Just made a donation in honor of John Wilford and his wife, for their hard work in moving the Texas Libertarian Party forward. Thank you.
  • Marcia Grau
    commented 2017-08-28 09:26:15 -0500
    August 28, 2017

    Dear Sir:

    I am writing to request that you help correct House Bill 3921. I do not believe that this legislation was thought through by the people who approved it.

    Based on the 2017 – 2016 population demographics for Texas there are roughly 2.5 million residents in Texas that are 65 or older. This bill assumes that EVERY ONE of them is financially incompetent based on nothing more than their age. It allows persons with no interest in their well-being to withhold access to account-holders’ funds without any recourse, safe guards or due process for the account-holders. There is no process mentioned in the bill for regaining access to their blocked accounts or steps to prevent misuse of the power that has arbitrarily with NO justification required handed over to financial institutions.

    I found the below statements posted on The Texas Attorney General’s website.

    “Right to Dignity and Respect

    An elderly person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, without regard to race, religion, nationality, sex, age, disability, marital status, or source of payment. This means that the elderly person has the right to:

    • Make his or her own choices about personal affairs, care, benefits, and services, and

    • Be free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

      Right to Manage Financial Affairs

      An elderly person may manage his or her own personal financial affairs, or may authorize another person to do so in writing. The elderly individual may choose the manner in which his or her money is managed by another person, and may choose the least restrictive of methods, such as:

    • a money management program,

    • a representative payee program,

    • a financial power of attorney, or

    • a trust or similar method.

      A person designated to manage an elderly individual’s money must comply with all applicable policies, laws and rules. On request, the designated person shall make available the related financial records and provide an accounting of the money. Designating a person to manage their money does not affect an elderly person’s ability to exercise other rights. However, if an elderly person has a guardian designated by a court, the guardian shall manage the person’s money in accordance with the Probate Code and other applicable laws.

      Elderly people may want help with their finances, but unless they hand control over to another, they have the same right as anyone else to receive, spend, invest, save, or give away their money. In situations where a nursing home, family member or guardian has been granted permission to manage a person’s money, that person still has the right to decide how his or her

      money will be managed, and to receive a full financial accounting.

      Sometimes a family member, “friend,” or nursing home takes control of an elderly person’s money without that person’s permission—often for his or her “own good.” This may be a violation of the person’s rights, and should prompt a call to The Department of Family and Protective Services or a reputable attorney for advice.”

    This bill replaces the above statements with “Any random financial employee knows better than anyone who has reached the age of 65.”

    Please help get the word out to correct this bill and make it clear that House Bill 3921 is completely subject to the existing laws that offer safeguards against stripping protections away from citizens ONLY based on their age. If that is impossible, then this bill should have the age part removed. If it is such a great idea, I am sure that everyone under 65 would also enjoy being protected from themselves.

    Thank you.

    Marcia L. Grau

    1001 Lorrie Drive

    Richardson, TX 75080

  • Dana Costello
    commented 2017-07-23 17:20:57 -0500
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    Dana Costello
  • Gerald Johnson
    commented 2017-07-12 13:21:17 -0500
    Tuesday,July 11,I donated$ 25.00 on my credit card. I want this to renew my membership in the Libertarian Party of Texas.
  • Joel Gronau
    commented 2017-06-18 12:23:19 -0500
    I am running for Congress in the 30th district and would love your support I am not running major party because they have lost their way,and are worried about big anything other than the citizens that elected them. I need signatures to gain ballot access and help spreading the word to everyone about me. I am a hybrid breed of Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders I know it soounds weird but give me a call or email and we can talk. My website is

  • Gabriel Reoyo
    commented 2017-06-15 11:58:33 -0500
    You guys need to keep the pressure on the old parties, by constantly reminding people of the old parties insanity.
  • Caroline Kenealy
    commented 2017-06-10 19:35:36 -0500
    I was wondering if we have a local chapter in our city?

    Amarillo Texas.

    If not there is a group of us will to make that happen.
  • lester turlington
    commented 2017-05-12 03:58:20 -0500
    I don’t know if I will run against Dan Patrick or Sheila Jackson-Lee. No matter what happens never give up and never give in. A good sense of humor can help get you through the down times. If you have the time and the inclination watch Trump on TV. Now there is a polished (sic) stand up comic. But never,never forget that it IS 5 o’clock somewhere. Peace dudes!!!!!
  • Stuart Smith
    commented 2017-05-10 14:45:13 -0500
    I think it would be a worthwhile effort for the Party to furnish, to its rank and file, it’s official stance on the more notable bills going through the Texas legislature…

  • Jerry Johnson
    commented 2017-04-19 22:55:24 -0500
    I am going to repeat my feedback as I had problems transmitting it. I hope you received my first commentary because it was a bit more elaborate than this will be. There are a group of dipshits apparently representing the US Federal Government, or agencies thereof, driving around IH 35 in lifted trucks, tinted windows, and blasting mufflers. Throw in a few hundred high powered Ford Mustangs and super charged Dodge Chargers, along with a bunch of little cars with mini putter mufflers, and you have a bunch of low IQ idiots trying to intimidate the masses. It is a mess, and a crying shame. The GAO needs to eliminate funding for this. For those who have not witnessed this then cruise around IH35 Round Rock or Pflugerville. They are all around, and I want to organize with other Libertarians to take names, photos, determine where they live, and see if we can call attention to them via the GAO. Jonathan Dayton, at age 26, and Benjamin Franklin in his eighties both signed our constitution along with a number of other brave men. Our 4th amendment has been destroyed, and if it were not for President Trump and the NRA our second amendment would have been trashed. They are slowly working to do away of the 1st amendment, and censorship of the internet is in full swing. I sure am glad I have remained proficient with my assault rifle and have saved a few bullets. It appears that might be the reminder these misguided individuals need to refresh their memories of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Patrick Henry was noted as saying, Give me liberty of give me death. And the beloved Gadsen flag resonates with the words, “Come and Take It”. Let us go forth and stir up the mix. I will not stand by and see my freedoms taken from me.

    Jerry A Johnson

    Pflugerville, Texas
  • Jerry Johnson
    commented 2017-04-19 22:40:13 -0500
    I tried sending feedback last night. I hope it was received

    Jerry A Johnson

    PO Box 1429

    Pflugerville, Texas 78629
  • David Ball
    commented 2017-04-02 17:10:13 -0500
    What happened to the Jefferson County party? I was a members years ago.
  • Brad Butler
    commented 2017-03-14 16:51:05 -0500
    Where do you all stand on establishing an online voter registration system in Texas (HB 143)? I would like to know what I can do to help this bill and also fight restrictive voter ID/registration laws in Texas.
  • Abdullah Khalil
    followed this page 2017-02-26 20:12:00 -0600
  • Steven Fraasch
    commented 2017-02-21 08:20:45 -0600
    Where can I find detailed instructions on how to become a recognized Libertarian in the State of Texas. I moved from a state where it was as simple as checking a box on your registration form, but in this state I can’t seem to find anything about it. I have heard that I shouldn’t vote in the primary (because that’s how Texas determines what party you belong to…Democrat ballot or Republican ballot) and then attend your county’s convention. Is that right, or is there something else I’m missing?
  • karoleigh Armstrong
    commented 2017-01-31 19:09:48 -0600
    Are there any other Libertarians in Taylor county?

    I am a National Party Member, would like to join the Texas Party as well.
  • Dylan Lochhead
    commented 2017-01-30 16:47:30 -0600

    My name is Dylan Lochhead and I’m a 24 year old entrepreneur, philanthropist, and college student at the University of North Texas. Studying Entrepreneurship and Computer Science with plans to go to grad school after. I have been a Libertarian since my teenage years and am a member of the Libertarian Party nationally. Voted for Johnson in 2012. Did the same in 2016. Libertarian down the ballot.

    Myself and a friend who is also a Libertarian are very interested in becoming involved with the Texas LP in terms of any positions or volunteer opportunities that are available.

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience what kind of opportunities there are and I’ll send over my resume along with my friend’s.

    Thank you,

    Dylan Lochhead
  • Mark Smith
    commented 2017-01-29 19:59:53 -0600
    I would prefer to donate by check to avoid the credit card fees that LPTexas incurs with each transaction. Please add that alternative to the website.
  • D Smith
    commented 2017-01-23 21:23:59 -0600
    With all the distress over Trump taking charge and a Tea-Party driven Republican party looking to focus on telling people how to live (e.g. bathroom bills) why îs there no big push to re-introduce the Libertarian Party as a viable alternative. Grass roots efforts are needed to start revolutions of this kind.

    I have been a Republican for years but it seems the party has taken reckless moves to extreme right and left me behind. I got to believe there are others out there similarly abandoned and now would be ideal time to present your option to possibly build a new power team.