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    Legal Fund

    courtroom-gavel-scales - Young Moore Attorneys

    This Special Project fund has been established for the purposes of collecting direct donations for defending legal challenges brought forward against LPTexas and its candidates for the 2020 elections. We appreciate everyone's commitment to fighting for voter choice in Texas.


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    Host Hotel (option 1): Hotel Settles

    Please call and tell them you are with the Libertarian Party State Convention. This is a small room block of 30 rooms so it may fill up. Rates are $169/night. 


    Option 2: Towneplace Suites

    Please call and make a reservation and tell them you are with the Libertarian Party State convention. Room rates should be $99. 


    Sorry for any confusion as we update information as soon as we can.








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    Vault Project

    $5,150.46 raised
    GOAL: $4,000.00

    The Libertarian Party of Texas, is starting work on a voter history database which will empower campaigns and activists with the tools needed in order to advance freedom in the state of Texas. The VAULT (Voter Analysis Utilization & Libertarians of Texas) is an online database which allows LPTexas to organize information about voters, voter activities, and establishes the foundation for a full-scale warehouse of data and tools to be used by liberty volunteers to support the LPTexas goal which is “nothing more nor less than a world set free in our lifetime.”[1]  The VAULT makes campaigns more efficient and effective and allows campaigns and activists to track their projects and successes.

    In order to make this happen, we need to raise money to purchase the initial voter history dataset from the Texas Secretary of State. Our goal is $4000 within the next few weeks.  As soon as we get the funding, we’ll be ready to rock and roll.  We might even have block-walking list capabilities by September if we get the data purchased in July.

    Access to the voter data will be free to LPTexas County Executives, Precinct Executives, and Candidates.


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