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    My name is Jonathan Helton and I have been currently staying at the downtown library in Beaumont, Tx for the past couple of months. I am in the process of going to college at LU or SAGU. I am waiting to take my ACT test this Saturday on Dec. 8. However, on Sunday Dec. 2, 2018 A city worker was told by the civic center janitor services to remove and discard all property from the library. Several of us had all of our possessions thrown in the trash. All my psych medicine, my 200 dollar calculator the church bought me, my ACT study book, and library books, all my clothes and blankets. I am without a jacket at this time but I will be okay. I just want my medicine and my test supplies so I can get off the street. What is the city doing to help the homeless? You would think that they would be trying to encourage you off the street but seems like they want you on the street. No one can give me answers as to where my stuff is and I have 6 days before the test to change my life.

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